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Dragon Age
«Mahariel Ravana»
The High Philosopher
from Grimm Productions.


The Shining Stars.

He was their keeper. The one that were the tallest, and most trusthworthy.
He was the strong one. The one that always where there.
Always smiling.
And then some Shemlen killed him off while protecting his wife and unborn child.

They would never be forgiven.

She gave birth, to a boy. A beautiful velvety black haired boy with midnight blue shining in the thick lock of hair. A smile from her face stained with tears. She left him in the snow, in blankets made of his shirt. Rising, the woman turned away from the silent child. A child should never be silent, Ashalle thought as she watched the scenery, hidden in the dark of pinetrees. The full moon showed the retreating form of the woman as she walked in the snow towards the big, hazy blue lake. Still not frozen. Ashalle watched as the woman walked into the water, and kept walking forward. Water to her knees.. waist.. slowly up her arms. To her chest, neck.. The woman lifted her head as if she were being forced in the water, trying to breathe. Water to her jawline.. cold unmoving water illuminating the strange silence. It was his son she left. Ashalle had tears falling from her skyblue eyes as she realized that was also why the woman went on walking. The water only showed a speck of shadow now at the water. Bubbles slowly crept up, one at a time before suddenly the water broke with a cascade of them. Silence came once more. Ashalle watched sadly as to where her childhood friend had walked into the water, and was immidiately reminded of Mahariel before he died. She had loved him too.. And that was why she would never abandon the child.
Walking up to the bundle she looked down at the small face and the large brilliant eyes, seeming to illuminate like a mirror all the stars in the night sky.

«Why, hello there little one.» She smiled as her tears fell from her cheeks, and she lifted him up. Placing his head under her jaw, close to her heart. She spoke as she began walking back the unruly path to the camp, and the others who waited solemnly.

«You are a very special soul, Da`len. I think we shall name after your father.» She smiled kindly down to the bundle who seemed just as interested in this new one carrying him around from the nice cold and into even nicer warmth. He broke a grin as only a child can.

«Yes.. I think we shall do that. I guess you are tired little one. But let us first let you meet our family.»
As she came into the clearing, she turned and held the child to be seen by Keeper Marethari.
Taking away some of the layers of cloth, they saw the speck of hair and curius eyes of deep forest green mixed with charcoal, holding all the stars in the night sky.

«Ravana.. Welcome home.»
This is my fanfiction of Ravana Mahariel from Dragon Age origins. Yeah.. I cannot draw so I write.. I don`t know if it is any better however :P :D

Uh.. well yeah.. drama. And companions starts at neutral or worse. They got to befriend eachother.. uh.. yah let`s see.. This is Male Mahariel, dalish and.. yeah bisexual.

I got this idea when I kept gaming and started making notes in notepad of what I thought at different parts of the game, so I will lap it into a story.

Uh.. Dominant Zevran. Very.
Until hardened.. Alistair can be abit of a fop (did I use that word correctly? XD) Morrigan.. I seriusly like her, she will be fun writing about. I will also include all Mods I had in the game. I`ll write them in the description part -points-

So.. well.. I hope you enjoy all of it

Oops! Forgot: Drama, Humor, Explicit content, Hurtful, Clumsiness and general good ol` "Wait.. What?" for you dear readers.


I so want to draw it instead.. trying to describe it all will kill me !
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